Happy (Pizza) Pi(e) Day!

One of the things I am most glad for since the end of February is that I no longer need to charge my bus/metro pass with a monthly load and can walk the 7-ish kilometres to and from work everyday.

And just this week on my way back home I was wondering how far Pi Day was. I did not remember then, as I couldn’t recall pi’s value. And my thought eventually wandered somewhere else. Case closed… until this morning, when I started browsing through my news feeds and was flooded with reminders that 3/14/15 was upon us.

For a moment I felt like baking a pie. Likely a root vegetable tarte tatin, but I was out of root vegetables and my phone told me I looked outside and saw there was freezing rain. After discussing some options of dinner with my SO, we decided on a convenient pizza (pie).

After lunch I prepared the dough (recipe in another post) and once the freezing rain was over, I went out for the ingredients. This time we decided to keep it simple and just used regular cheddar, tomatoes, grated parmesan and olive oil. Coincidentally, this was the roundest pizza we’ve ever made. The sound of bubbling cheese when it left the oven was particularly pleasant.

We also wanted to make a sweet pizza (it is common in Brazil), so I also brought home Nutella (spread it like it was tomato sauce, top the pie with bananas, thank me on the comments). In the end, though, we’ve had enough with the savoury pie and just saved the remaining dough for another meal and another post.

A cheese and tomato pizza is resting on a pizza stone. On the background there is a bottle of wine, a bottle of olive oil, a plate and a wine glass
The roundest pizza to this date
Happy (Pizza) Pi(e) Day!